Winter Garden aGlow

Each holiday season, the Idaho Botanical Garden, located in Boise, Idaho, presents Winter Garden aGlow, a dazzling display of nearly a half-million lights beautifully arranged throughout the garden. Since 2018, Illumicone has added its flashy, fun interactivity to the event, giving visitors the opportunity to experience truly interactive light art.

A Message From the Creators of Illumicone To Our Treasure Valley Community

Why are the widgets missing at Winter Garden aGlow 2020?

In normal times, Illumicone is immediately interactive light art. Underneath the cone, there are widgets that people use to create the patterns in the lights. If you have seen Illumicone before, you know this creates excited crowds packed inside the cone, playing with the widgets and trying to figure out what each one does.

As the creators of Illumicone, we love the play and exploration our art creates. However, this year, we must be especially mindful of the wellbeing and safety of everyone who visits the Garden to enjoy the beauty and wonder of Winter Garden aGlow.  To help create a safer environment for all of us, we have not included the interactive widgets in this year’s installation. Instead, we have uploaded the data received and recorded from the widgets last year.

The light patterns you see at Winter Garden aGlow 2020 were created on December 23, 2019 by hundreds of cone lovers and their experiments, so you still get a dazzling display, a sense of wonderment, and a connection to fellow curious cone explorers from one year ago. We encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the wonder of play and the connection it brings, even across time to people we may not personally know. If we continue to think of others, we can all play together again soon.