Upcoming Events


July 12th – 15th:  Element 11  (Facebook page)

Illumicone will return for the third time to Element 11, an outstanding regional Burning Man event that takes place at the Stargazer Ranch in northern Utah.

April 7th:  Sensory Illumination  (Facebook event)

Illumicone will be at Sensory Illumination in downtown Boise on April 7th.  What is Sensory Illumination?  Well, apart from being the best 21-and-up party in downtown, Sensory is “. . . a fundraiser celebration to support and exhibit the arts in our community. Both as a festival and after, where a portion of your ticket sales are used for grants and to pay for materials to grow artistic expression in many forms.”  Along with Illumicone, Sensory will feature multiple sound stages (including Kaleidisco’s Silent Disco and The Rage Cage), Colossal Collective’s amazing puppetry, live art, fire art, and aerial performances.

Past Events – 2018

February 24th – March 10th: Come see Illumicone at JUMP in downtown Boise!

March 2nd: iLLUMIBRATE at JUMP!

iLLUMIBRATE Light & Colour Festival is an awe-inspiring evening of colour, lights, and community engagement at JUMP on from 6pm to 10pm on March 2nd. Illumicone will be one of the featured art pieces at this event. We hope to see you there!

March 7th: The Light Behind Illumicone! 

Illumicone is light art driven by group participation. From design and construction to the light patterns created through interaction with its electromechanical widgets, this presentation reveals how Illumicone was conceived, built and how it turned widget movement into a dazzling spectacle of light and color that surrounds the participants beneath it. Ages 18 and up. $10 admission.